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Lesson six: Inflatable Problems
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How to handle Inflatable Problems

Information about the safety roof and deflation:

  • Most Air Castles have a special roof that can be used open or closed which can also function as an emergency exit.

  • If the inflatable is deflated accidentally (i.e. power outage) blow the whistle we have provided for you and have all children sit quickly and then exit orderly through the door, or emergency roof/ceiling release/exit.  You will have time to get everyone out safely!

  • After all children are safely out and away from the moonwalk, jump houses, slides, air castles, and various inflatables, then fix the problem.

The Air Castle and Slide will be fully inflated and safety checked before we leave. We will go over this safety check with you. Everything will be in safe operating order before we leave. When the unit is initially set up we ask for a 'dedicated' circuit meaning nothing else is plugged into the same electric line/circuit.  Sometimes a customer believes there is nothing else on the line, but after we leave some other electrical appliance kicks in and pops the circuit. In this situation get the children out calmly, but quickly and THEN solve the blower's or Air Castle's or Slide's problem. 

The first sign there is a problem will probably be the change in SOUND, you may have A SUDDEN DROP IN SOUND, as the blower turns off.  As soon as you recognize the sound has stopped have all of the children SIT DOWN and then in an orderly fashion have the children exit quickly, but orderly through the door.

Alternately you can have all of the sitting children exit through the roof. For Example in several units there are three clips on one side of the roof.  Make sure, during the safety check you have noted where the clips are located. In an emergency you can quickly unclip the roof and the children can exit. 

If the blower stops, either from a circuit popping, or someone accidentally unplugging the unit, it is scary for the children BUT you do have time to get the children out.  The top of the unit will fall down within seconds, so some children will be coming out when the top is down.

We recommend that before the children use the Air Castle for the first time you have them all together and explain the safety rules below, especially the part about sitting down if they hear your whistle blow.  Explain to them that everyone will get out safely, but it might be scary.

Information about rain and wind:

  • Stay out of jump bounce houses and slides in strong wind or thunderstorms.

  • Air Castles and Slides need to be deflated and not used in winds 15 MPH and higher.

  • Air Castles and Slides need to be not used and deflated during thunderstorms.

    • Have all children exit the inflatable during rain/thunderstorms

    • Turn off the GFCI/blower

    • After unit is deflated, please use entrance mat to cover the blower during rain or thunderstorms.

  • When the rain stops you can;

    • uncover the blower,

    • replace the mat to the front of the step,

    • restart GFCI, turn on the blower,

    • allow the unit to inflate,

    • send someone in to dry off the surfaces where the children jump so it is not slippery

    • children remove their socks (normally required, but socks are slippery when wet.)

    • then children may again use the inflatable.

    • repeat entire process as often as necessary.

Videos: Light Up & Recheck & Problem & Deflated! & Rain

Extract from Consumer Product Safety Commission:

The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC), in cooperation with the states of Florida, Wisconsin, California and the Commonwealth of Kentucky, has investigated several incidents nationally which involved inflatable amusement rides. The incidents occurred between March 1999 and February 2001 and involved broken bones, head injuries, contusions, abrasions and sprains. Additionally, the Commission is aware of three deaths in previous years. These mobile Inflatable Rides are customarily used at fairs, carnivals and festivals, but are also operated at private fairs and parties through rental agencies. Riders on inflatables vary in age from children to adult."

"In addition, the CPSE recommends that state inspectors provide this bulletin on inflatable rides to rental companies within their state and that rental companies provide renters with the following materials:

  • A training program for the renter for the proper operation of the inflatable ride.

  • A copy of the operation manual (and/or videos, training manuals) for each rental period.

  • A copy of this safety bulletin.

  • A release statement signed by the renter documenting that he has received and understands the ride operation procedures.

The CPSC requests all state and local amusement ride safety inspectors, insurance inspectors and private contract inspectors, as well as owners and operators of “inflatable amusement rides” to follow and adhere to the above guidance during inspection."


The information contained in the resource links supplement what is written in this training manual. Often the information in the training program was taken directly from these resources.  The resources are from the manufacturers and the Consumer Products Safety Commission.

Bulletin about Inflatable Rides from the Consumer Products Safety Commission.


[Lesson 1 Preparing The Site] [Lesson 2 Sand, Water, Stakes] [Lesson 3 Weights and Measures]
[Lesson 4 Blower and Inflating] [Lesson 5 Safety in Inflatable] [Lesson 6 Inflatable Problems] [Lesson 7 Say it by Photos] [Safety Quiz]

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