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Preparing The Site
Sand, Water, Stakes
Weights and Measures
Blower and Inflating
Safety in Inflatable
Inflatable Problems
Full CPSC Bulletin
Power Point Presentation
Corel Presentation
Consumer Product Safety Commission
Kidd Safety
Disney's Wild About Safety


Written Safety Quiz

Please complete the following test and press submit. You will then be sent to a confirmation page.

Please print the confirmation letter for your records for the party date. If the confirmation page does not work on your computer go to your email box, another copy may have been sent to you there. We will also receive a copy at the same time which we will use to certify you to supervise this party, assuming all answers are correct. Your printed copy is the most important, and the delivery crew will expect you to give it to them when they arrive for your party. We take this test seriously for the safety of the children.


Please answer all of the following questions:

Your email address will serve as confirmation so if more than one person is taking the test for your party each person must complete the test from their own computer. Answers provided by different individuals for the same party should vary slightly on some questions.

Your Name for the certificate;
Name of family you are representing with this test; 
Party Date
Party Address
Your Telephone
Party Phone
Your E-mail

01.) On the day of the party, what is the special safety item we give you to keep?
02.) What do you do with the safety item we give you? How have we specifically described it to be used?
03.) What do you know about netting?
04.) What about the sizes and ages of the children?
05.) What about maximum number of children and weight?
06.) Where do you find this information?
07.) What are the rules about shoes and socks?
08.) What are the rules about jumping on/near wall or columns?

09.) What is the first, and most important rule about the jump house and the children?
10.) What is the preferred method of anchoring the inflatable?
11.) Information about your particular inflatable:
12.) What do you do, (what is the procedure) if it rains during your party?

Other information you remember from the video or online safety training program: [For Example; no flips]


15.) Unexpected additional costs; Check all that apply. Which of the following may cause you to incur additional last minute costs when we arrive or pick up?
1.) Failing to achieve a passing score on this test.
2.) Hills and steps on your property.
3.) Having staff move inflatables to another location after the unit has been unrolled.
4.) Writing on our location sign.
5.) Using 'extra' machine supplies provided.
6.) Water running on a water slide.

Combos and Obstacles; (If you are renting a combo or obstacle)

16.) How many supervisors are needed for a combo or obstacle unit?
17.) What are the acceptable ways to go down the slide?
18.) Where can't the children climb or sit?

Please give some specific information that affirms your life experience/skills as to why you believe you know how and can handle supervising a group of children in this situation;

While we permit anyone from your party to take the online training program, only adults 18 years and over may be certified to supervise your private party.
I am an adult, over age 18 years of age    I am not over 18 years of age.

I attest that I have been instructed in safety and care of all property being rented including but not limited to said inflatable units and I understand the safety rules and responsibilities as specified in the Owner/Operator's manual and Ride Safety Bulletin from CPSC.
Please sign/type name here:

SAFE OPERATION ACKNOWLEDGMENT: I acknowledge that I have been instructed about, and fully understand the safe operation of all rented equipment that is the subject of this rental agreement. I understand that the ultimate safety for all of the children and guests is my responsibility.
I agree to adhere to all safety precautions, and further I shall return the machine, inflatable, and all property fully cleaned as instructed in the provided rules. Please sign/type name here:

I feel I have received adequate training and I am prepared to supervise a private party and I am confidant I have the skills and ability to safely supervise all of the individuals who will attend the private party.
Please sign/type name here:

Please complete and press submit, then print and give it to the delivery crew with the contract and full payment. When printed please sign next to your typed name.


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