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Lesson two: Sand, Stakes and Permanent Structures
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Stakes, Water and Sand

There are various ways to anchor inflatables. The issue is always related to wind and forces which could overturn an inflatable. The best way to anchor an inflatable is to secure it to a permanent object on at least one anchor point, such as: 

  •  A healthy tree with branches above the height of the bounce house, or .

  •  The main supporting section of a fence.

  •  Depending on your situation we may also use stakes and sand bags/containers, which is our preferred method when there is no available 'permanent structure.'  Stakes are the traditional method of anchoring and the sand bags/containers gives added ballast/security as well as a visual and protective boundary so children and guests won't trip over stakes.

  • We will always opt for a location at your place which will permit a 'permanent structure' anchor. Safety always supersedes aesthetics.

  •  When there is no permanent structure available, this is an indoor location, or stakes and sand won't work,  we will use sand as a weight ballast.

Video: Sand

Extract from Consumer Product Safety Commission:

"Follow the owner/operator’s manual for site layout, inflation procedures, ropes, tethers, tie-downs, anchors, use temperature range, maximum number of riders, size of riders, electrical codes, daily operation, daily inspection, washing, repair, deflation, drying, storage and transportation.

ALWAYS anchor rides per manufacturer’s requirements.

The on-ground anchor weight used for the various inflatable ride ranges from 75 pounds (for bounce type rides to 500 pounds (for slide-type rides) for each recommended anchor position. This weight range strongly indicates that an inflatable ride’s operator should follow the ride manufacturer’s recommendations for proper anchoring.

Place and use anchors at all of the manufacturer’s required positions. These anchors can be straight stakes, screw stakes, ground weights or sandbag ground anchors.

Anchor ropes, tethers or tie-downs should be attached to a secure device or permanent structure and attached so that they cannot slip off the top of their stake during use. DO NOT attach anchors to motor vehicles.

Ropes, tethers and tie-downs should be sufficiently strong to resist breakage during use. Recommend ˝” solid-braided polypropylene rope with a tensile strength of 3700 or 370 lb. test rated.

Identify and use the number and location of tie-downs specified by the manufacturer. DO NOT use non-load bearing positioning loops as tie-downs or anchor points.

Ground stakes should be a minimum of 40” with at least 10” exposed above ground (this will be dependent of surface where set up). [This refers to large slide type rides.]

Do not use the inflatable ride above wind speeds that exceed the manufacturer’s recommendation. Various manufacturers recommend maximum wind speeds from 15 to 25 mph depending on the ride. However, unload and deflate any inflatable ride when the wind speed exceeds 25 mph."


The information contained in the resource links supplement what is written in this training manual. Often the information in the training program was taken directly from these resources.  The resources are from the manufacturers and the Consumer Products Safety Commission.

Bulletin about Inflatable Rides from the Consumer Products Safety Commission.


[Lesson 1 Preparing The Site] [Lesson 2 Sand, Water, Stakes] [Lesson 3 Weights and Measures]
[Lesson 4 Blower and Inflating] [Lesson 5 Safety in Inflatable] [Lesson 6 Inflatable Problems] [Lesson 7 Say it by Photos] [Safety Quiz]

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