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Staff Training and Our Policies

Take the "Rental Safety Training" program first and then come back to this one for the final details.

Some of the following information will appear to be repeated a couple of times throughout the website. That is because this information is coming from several different sources and they ALL insist that you know and are familiar with the information they provide.

In NJ, inflatable play units are called 'moonwalks' we prefer 'Air Castles', 'Obstale Courses',  'Inflatable Slides'  and 'Combos' which are the terms we will use to describe the inflatable units from Air Castles And Slides, LLC.  Although Air Castles and Slides are completely insured, YOU still need to be responsible and make sure All children are continuously supervised while any child is in, using, or around, any of our Air Castles and Slides inflatable rentals,  including games and all rental machines.

You need to be familiar with all aspects of our business. Our goal is to have the 'magic' of Disney World  for everyone who rents from us. This means we want:

  • bright, happy, perky, and

  • intelligent staff who can speak good English and problem solve on their feet,

  • with warm, approachable smiles,

  • impeccable personal grooming,

  • clean uniforms and

  • a winning, 'sure, no problem' attitude.

We have a positive corporate image and we want to protect it!

Staff Uniform

  •  The uniform includes a solid color T-Shirt of your choice, with no writing on it. Royal blue is the color of the staff shirts. Once awarded a staff shirt you need to wear it while working.

  •  We prefer black pants, and we know they may be difficult to get late in the season so plan ahead. Khaki is also permitted as staff pant colors. Jeans are not appropriate. Clothing must fit you correctly.

  •  Shorts are not encouraged, (even in the summer,) because pants are safer!

  •  Back braces, knee pads and goggles are available for your protection.


  •  We are not invited guests to the party. 

  •  Even though some clients will offer you food, they didn't buy any for you.

  •  We are a professional company, we do not accept food from our customers.

  •  Smile politely and say 'No thank-you.'

  •  Bring food that can handle the high temperatures, or

  •  It is better to bring money to buy something at a store or service station.

  •  Water, water and more water! It gets very hot.

Smoking Policy

We are aware that the children are watching us at all times. There are children arriving and leaving at all times during the party. We are dealing with impressionable children, lots of them so:

  •  There is absolutely NO SMOKING on this job.

  •  There are no smoking breaks.

  •  Do not accept this job if you can not adhere to this policy.

Cell Phone Policy

Safety is always our first priority. People are watching you all the time. If you play , text or talk on your phone they will snap your photo doing that instead of watching their kids. This is unsafe and puts you at risk for a law suit our insurance can not defend you against because you did not follow company policy. You are not permitted to use your cell phone during anytime you are getting paid by us. We do want you to have your phone with you incase of an accident and you need to call us. IF the office calls you then stop the ride or game for a moment and tell the people near you it is the office calling and you must take the call. After the call resume what you were doing.

  • There is absolutely NO use of personal cell phones on this job

  • If the office calls secure the area, stop the ride and make sure the kids are safe, then answer the call.

  • Tell the people near you that you must take the call and will only be a few moments.

  • After the call is completed put away your phone and resume what you were doing.

  • If you use your phone for time keeping tell the kids and parents that is what you are doing so they don't think you are looking for a phone call or text.

Manufacturer Safety Rules:

  • Adult supervision of all children is required at all times. We repeat it often because it is very important and can't be said enough!

  • Under no circumstances should you walk away from a unit you are supervising without a replacement supervisor, or shutting down the ride until you return.

  • You will be provided a temporary copy of the Owners Manual for the specific Air Castle and Slide you are supervising.  It is the original and needs to be returned when we pick up the unit.

  • While we are training you, we will go over specific points from the manual with you.

  • You should familiarize yourself with the remaining points in the manual, before the party begins.

Things I Wish They Told Me

We asked staff from last year what they wished they knew before they 'found out the hard way.'


  •  Use the bathroom before we begin work.

  •  We do not enter clients homes, so plan ahead.

  •  Use the bathroom at service stations when we stop for gas.


  •  Get plenty of sleep the night before, you will need it.

  •  This is very Physical Work, your muscles will get a workout!

  •  Rest in the delivery vehicle between deliveries.

  •  Some times we work very Late picking up the units.

Shirt off your back

  • Bring an extra T-Shirt so you can feel fresh after lunch, an in-between deliveries.

Weekly Hours

  •  Delivery Schedule is determined late Thursday or Friday, so specific working hours and locations are not known until then. 

  •  Who will be working will be known earlier in the week.

  • CHECK YOUR EMAIL and respond to us during the week. On Monday send in your weekend hours. On Monday or Tuesday let us know if you are available for the weekend coming up. On Wednesday and Thursday check your assignments and schedule. Confirm you read and understood the email.

Extract from Consumer Product Safety Commission:

The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC), in cooperation with the states of Florida, Wisconsin, California and the Commonwealth of Kentucky, has investigated several incidents nationally which involved inflatable amusement rides. The incidents occurred between March 1999 and February 2001 and involved broken bones, head injuries, contusions, abrasions and sprains. Additionally, the Commission is aware of three deaths in previous years. These mobile Inflatable Rides are customarily used at fairs, carnivals and festivals, but are also operated at private fairs and parties through rental agencies. Riders on inflatables vary in age from children to adult.

The commission is aware of nine incidents, which resulted in 21 injuries, on large slide-type inflatables and 33 incidents, which resulted in 33 injuries, with bounce-type inflatables. These incidents were primarily attributable to improper operation, anchoring and set up. Due to the number of injuries and incidents involving inflatable rides and to reduce the number of injuries through a more consistent industry-wide operation of all inflatable amusement rides, the Commission staff issued this safety bulletin.

The Commission requests all owners, operators, state safety officials and those firms that rent inflatables to private parties to closely follow manufacturers instructions and guidelines for operation and set-up. In addition, the following recommendations should be adhered to:"

  • "Minimum number of operators on an Inflatable slide is two (2).

  • Minimum number of operators on a inflatable bounce is one (1).

  • DO NOT exceed manufacturerís requirements for maximum loads for individual rides."


    Supervision!! Supervision!! Supervision!!

    Restrict Number of Children!!
    Restrict Number of Children!!

    Donít Mix Big and Small Children!!
    Donít Mix
    Big and Small Children!!

Staff Training


The information contained in the resource links supplement what is written in this training manual. Often the information in the training program was taken directly from these resources.  The resources are from the manufacturers and the Consumer Products Safety Commission.

Bulletin about Inflatable Rides from the Consumer Products Safety Commission.


You are responsible to read all of the manufacturers manuals and related documents on this website. As part of your employment you will need to sign a document stating that you have watched the videos, read the Consumer Product Safety Commission's Bulletin on Inflatable Amusement Rides, as well as had hands on training and practical experience in setting up and taking down inflatables. You will also receive training in the safety and operation of the snack food machines and games we rent.

Videos: Positioning & Vinyl  & Away

These are several videos you haven't seen in the 'Rental' On-Line Safety Certification Program.

There is a test, and it is expected that you pass the test. The quiz is the renter's test, as a staff team member your test will be more comprehensive, but take the Safety Quiz as the first step. Do the www.RentalSafety.com program instead.

[Lesson 1 Preparing The Site] [Lesson 2 Sand, Water, Stakes] [Lesson 3 Weights and Measures]
[Lesson 4 Blower and Inflating] [Lesson 5 Safety in Inflatable] [Lesson 6 Inflatable Problems] [Lesson 7 Say it by Photos] [Safety Quiz]

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