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Lesson three: Weights & Measures
[Lesson 1 Preparing The Site] [Lesson 2 Sand, Water, Stakes] [Lesson 3 Weights and Measures]
[Lesson 4 Blower and Inflating] [Lesson 5 Safety in Inflatable] [Lesson 6 Inflatable Problems] [Lesson 7 Say it by Photos] [Safety Quiz]


Full CPSC Bulletin
Power Point Presentation
Corel Presentation
Preparing The Site
Sand, Water, Stakes
Weights and Measures
Blower and Inflating
Safety in Inflatable
Inflatable Problems
Consumer Product Safety Commission
Kidd Safety
Disney's Wild About Safety


Weights and Measures

  • Air Castles and Slides are engineered to be safe when children's weight is distributed throughout the inside jumping surface area.

  • Know your Air Castles and Slides weight restrictions.  Be very careful not to exceed this weight.  Safety is based on this weight distribution. 

  • Each unit has a sign on the unit which details the limits for that particular unit. Read and follow these instructions.

  • Side walls are not constructed to support children bouncing off of the walls. They are designed to keep children safely inside.  Make sure no one bounces off the walls.

  • Teenagers and adults are too big to bounce. Teen and adult weight can not be distributed correctly.

  • Children in Air Castles and Slides should be close in age.

  • Divide children by ages and give each group their own time to bounce, jump or slide in our Air Castles and Slides.

  •  Children should be a minimum of 30 inches tall to use the jump house.

Videos: Weights & Measures & Physics & Special

Extract from Consumer Product Safety Commission:

"Inspection procedures and guidelines for safe set-up and operation of inflatable rides may vary from ride to ride or from manufacturer to manufacturer. In addition to the manufacturer’s guidance, the CPSC staff recommends the following guidance during inspections . . . "

  • "DO NOT exceed manufacturer’s requirements for maximum loads for individual rides."


The information contained in the resource links supplement what is written in this training manual. Often the information in the training program was taken directly from these resources.  The resources are from the manufacturers and the Consumer Products Safety Commission.

Bulletin about Inflatable Rides from the Consumer Products Safety Commission.


[Lesson 1 Preparing The Site] [Lesson 2 Sand, Water, Stakes] [Lesson 3 Weights and Measures]
[Lesson 4 Blower and Inflating] [Lesson 5 Safety in Inflatable] [Lesson 6 Inflatable Problems] [Lesson 7 Say it by Photos] [Safety Quiz]

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