This is an interactive, realtime worksheet for you. Fill in the form with your final selections, keep one for your records and have a copy on hand for whomever is helping you on party day. All yellow boxes can be modified. You can also preview the full Contract, sign it, and fax it back in advance. Fax number; 732-601-4319 Credit cards and/or cash are accepted for deposits/payments.
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Air Castles And Slides, LLC Rental
Contract is available to preview online. Thursday March 15, 2012
Payment and/or acceptance of delivery with or without signature, constitutes acceptance of all rental terms & conditions.
Alternate price i.e. "/50"only available when rental package includes inflatable Air Castle, Slide, obstacle, Combo. or Carnival games.
Change to lower price if rental includes inflatable or game package.  

Air Castles And Slides, LLC                                                         
PO Box 8041, Piscataway, NJ 08855
        908-222-1111 or 732-642-2194   #216 Tingley Lane, Edison NJ 08820
Please carefully read everything we have made available for you. Additional information is on our website and in the Emails we sent you.