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Licensed Inflatable Safety Certification Training 

Lesson one: Selecting the Site & Preparing the Location
 [Lesson 1 Preparing The Site] [Lesson 2 Sand, Water, Stakes] [Lesson 3 Weights and Measures]
[Lesson 4 Blower and Inflating] [Lesson 5 Safety in Inflatable] [Lesson 6 Inflatable Problems] [Lesson 7 Say it by Photos] [Safety Quiz]


Preparing The Site
Sand, Water, Stakes
Weights and Measures
Blower and Inflating
Safety in Inflatable
Inflatable Problems
Full CPSC Bulletin
Power Point Presentation
Corel Presentation
Consumer Product Safety Commission
Kidd Safety
Safer Parks
Disney's Wild About Safety


Welcome to the Online Safety Certification Program

Our Safety program is both serious and comprehensive. When you have completed this training program you will have a very full understanding of the issues and precautions regarding inflatables which will greatly decrease the likelihood of injuries since most accidents with inflatables are attributed to operator/supervisor error. If you are renting from us and reading this you have promised to successfully complete our Safety Certification Program. If you decide you do not want, or you can not complete and pass the Safety Certification Program, we will provide trained and certified staff, for your party, at your expense. At no time will we leave any of our equipment to be used without a competent, certified supervisor.


Most of the videos are under a minute each. Please listen to, and view, each segment. When you press on a link in the box at the bottom (or to the right,) of  this screen, your computer will get the video segment you requested and then the computer will prepare the clip to play on a Real One Player, (or another player,) which is normally already on your computer. The whole process may take a minute or so depending on the speed of your Internet connection, the speed of your computer, and how many other people are viewing the videos at the same time you want to view them.  While you are waiting for the video, use the time to read the included material below.  We suggest the videos if you can only select one training method. The best method is the Video and written material together, which starts below. The Slide Presentation is optional. There are step by step photos also below, but you need to watch the video/read the material to fully understand the photos.
(Sometimes the video on Real Player will stop prematurely, so be sure each segment is viewed completely!)

Slide Presentation

There are two formats available to download. This one is a Power Point Presentation. This one is a Corel Presentation  Both of these slide presentations will take a little while to download and then they will play on your computer using the software associated with them. The Slide Presentations do not contain photos.

Videos: Selecting The Site & Preparing the location.

Bounce House Planning:

  • Turn off all sprinklers including under ground sprinklers.

  • Know where underground gas, plumbing and water lines are on your property. We will not be responsible for damage to pipes or plumbing of any kind. PSE&G recommends you call them to know for sure.

  • Air Castles and Slides need an electrical source, generators are available for an extra charge.

  • Keep all unnecessary electric wires and cables away from Air Castles and Slides.

  • Plan a spot in a grassy area or hard, flat surface away from your house meters and pool.

  • The area must be clear of all sticks, twigs, branches, toys, and animal related items.

  • Be aware of the size of the moonwalk you are renting, add at least a foot or two all around and then plan where the Air Castles and Slides' unit will go. Some manufacturers recommend three to six feet of clearance all around the unit.

  • Be sure there is overhead clearance too. Most units are 16 feet tall! We need a minimum of 17' for all moonwalks, the combo units are not as high at 12 feet tall so be sure to have at least 13' for the combo units..

  • Plan a food, drink and snack area a safe distance away from Air Castles and Slides.

  • Keep all party toys such as 'silly string' and other toys away from Air Castles and Slides. Silly String (and similar products) destroys the fabric, it is prohibited around Air Castle And Slide Inflatable units.

  • Keep all pets away from Air Castles and Slides.

  • Keep all sharp objects away from inflatable Air Castles and Slides units.


The information contained in the resource links supplement what is written in this training manual. Often the information in the training program was taken directly from these resources.  The resources are from the manufacturers and the Consumer Products Safety Commission.

Flip switch to turn on blower on (or off.) Say it in pictures. Here is the step by step setup procedure illustrated with staff photos. It is still necessary to read the written material, and watch the video for full understanding of what they are doing in the photos. Includes Combo Jump, Climb and Slide material not available anywhere else.

Bulletin about Inflatable Rides from the Consumer Products Safety Commission.


 [Lesson 1 Preparing The Site] [Lesson 2 Sand, Water, Stakes] [Lesson 3 Weights and Measures]
[Lesson 4 Blower and Inflating] [Lesson 5 Safety in Inflatable] [Lesson 6 Inflatable Problems] [Lesson 7 Say it by Photos] [Safety Quiz]


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